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Colostrum is a form of milk produced by the mammary glands of mammals in late pregnancy and the few days after giving birth.

Colostrum is an amazing phenomenon.
One's health can benefit from consuming colostrum on daily basis.

Colostrum contains lots of growth factors, promotes anti-aging, increase your physical strength, and promotes one's body's to recover from damage caused by age, injury and more

In this blog I gladly present you my collections of resources about this amazing substance.

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Metafoods Colostrum 100% Pure New Zealand 12 Oz Powder

Product Description :

100% New Zealand A Dietary Supplement MetaFoods 100% New Zealand Colostrum powder supports a healthy immune response and the healthy integrity of the stomach and intestinal lining.

Colostrum is the first food of life. New Zealand colostrum is known for its purity and effectiveness. New Zealand colostrum herds are pasture-fed and are raised without the use of hormones, pesticides or antibiotics. . . . More >>

Metafoods Colostrum 100% Pure New Zealand 12 Oz Powder

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