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Colostrum is a form of milk produced by the mammary glands of mammals in late pregnancy and the few days after giving birth.

Colostrum is an amazing phenomenon.
One's health can benefit from consuming colostrum on daily basis.

Colostrum contains lots of growth factors, promotes anti-aging, increase your physical strength, and promotes one's body's to recover from damage caused by age, injury and more

In this blog I gladly present you my collections of resources about this amazing substance.

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Symbiotics Colostrum Plus : Boosting Your Immune System

Symbiotics Colostrum Plus, 480 mg, Capsules, 240 capsulesSymbiotics Colostrum Plus is derived from the first food that’s provided by female mammals when they give birth. Colostrum is considered the life’s perfect food because it’s comprised of the best beneficial compounds nature can give.

They are growth factors, immunoglobulins, antibodies, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. This perfect combination is produced to promote healthy immune system and protect the body at birth.

When we grow older, our immune and growth factors begin to decrease and we may become more vulnerable to undesired weight gain, fatigue, skin deterioration, and loss of muscle tone. We are also become more sensitive to various kinds of pollutants and allergens that fly all around us.

Colostrum Plus brings back the helpful immune factors and natural antibodies to sustain powerful immune system function. You will witness the powerful restoration that this supplement gives in your everyday life:

  •     It helps promote vitality, strength, and mass production of lean muscle.
  •     Enhance the cellular regeneration of bones, muscles, skin, cartilage and nerves.

Not all colostrum supplements are produced with same quality. Symbiotics colostrums is produced with a patented delivery system technology called BIOlipid. It helps to increase colostrums absorption by 8 times.

The BIOlipid system in Symbiotics Colostrum Plus generates a protective layer around every capsule. It prevents acids of stomach from damaging the contents. This ensures the gastrointestinal tract and blood stream absorb nutrients as much as possible.

The contents of other colostrum products may be damaged by stomach acids and gives small or no advantage.

Here is the composition in each bottle of Symbiotics Colostrum :
    25 % of Immunoglobulins
    1.5% of Lactoferin
    3% of Proline Rich Polypeptides

This product only utilizes colostrum from the first two milkings within 0-6 hours after birth. This is done to ensure the balance of body regulating active proteins  and immunological.

Many consumers have witnessed the power of this supplement in fighting flu and increasing their immune system. While some of them may have positive reactions. The reactions are flu like symptoms, diarrhea. You should not worry about these reactions because it’s the sign of detoxification is currently taking place in the body.

It dumps all the negative compounds and toxins that are accumulated for years in the body.
After the process of detoxification, in two or three days the symptoms will be gone and you will feel healthier, calmer, happier, and have more energy than ever before. Thanks to Symbiotics Colostrum Plus.

Symbiotics Colostrum Plus, 480 mg, Capsules, 240 capsules 

Symbiotics Colostrum Plus Capsules, 120-Count Bottle 

 Symbiotics Colostrum Plus, Wild Cherry, Chewable Tablets, 120 tablets (Pack of 2) 

Symbiotics - Colostrum Plus 120 Caps 

Symbiotics Colostrum Plus Powder, 21-Ounce Jar 

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How Colostrum Can Help You Lose Weight

Metafoods Colostrum 100% Pure New Zealand 12 Oz PowderSoon after giving birth, female mammals produce colostrum, which is a milk-like substance that jump-starts a newborn's immune system.

If you have a compromised immune system or are just looking for a boost to your healthy immune system, colostrum may be the jump-start you need to fight infection or immune-related chronic diseases such as cancer.

Colostrum contains life-supporting immune and growth factors (hormones), and a perfect combination of vitamins and minerals for health - just as nature supplies them.

Abeeco Colostrum Life Food is produced in New Zealand and collected only from New Zealand cows that are pasture-fed, pesticide, antibiotic and hormone free.

Research has shown that once we pass puberty, our bodies gradually produce less of the immune and growth factors that help our bodies fight off disease and heal damaged body tissue.

Colostrum is the only source of these life giving components, the actual immune factors and all of our body's growth factors (hormones) in perfect combination as nature intended (synthesized and isolated hormones throw the other hormones out of balance and have been shown to have significant side effects).

Research has shown that Colostrum has the demonstrated ability to kill bacteria and viral invaders, stimulate tissue repair (particularly the bowel lining), stimulate fat utilization for fuel and optimize cellular reproduction (anti-aging).

No other substance on the planet can provide all of these marvelous benefits.

Colostrum Life Food helps the body to use or boost its own internal powers to build energy, muscle and cardiovascular endurance and better utilize the food we eat.

Colostrum contains the growth factor lgF-1, the most important growth factor in our bodies.

If we don't have enough of this growth factor, then during times of fast (e.g. dieting), we will burn muscle protein before burning fat.

We produce less lgF-1 as we get older and the only way of increasing the level of this growth hormone is through colostrum or daily aerobic exercise (preferably both).

Two clinical studies in Australia in the late 90's showed that athletes taking colostrum increased strength, improving stamina and shortening recovery time by 20%.

Leptin reduced food consumption 60% in Leptin-deficient mice, while increasing energy.

Leptin is found in mother's milk colostrum: large fat cells indicate Leptin deficiency.

Leptin-deficient obese mice lost 40% of body weightafter 1 month on Leptin, and reduced diabetes, eventually becoming as lean as the most athletic mice: while normal mice lost 12%of body weight.

Leptin was recently found to regulate at least six Gene clusters, inhibiting fat-production enzyme Acety 1-CoA-Carboxylase, reducing synthesis of fat cells, while improving fat-burning in muscle cells

Symbiotics Colostrum Plus, 480 mg, Capsules, 240 capsules 

Symbiotics Colostrum Chewables, Orange Cream, 120-Count Bottles (Pack of 2) 

Symbiotics High-IG Colostrum, 480 mg, Capsules, 120 capsules 

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Alpha Lipid Colostrum (Part 1 of 2)

This is for EVERYONE! How not to fall sick and be able to perform well everytime!

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Kesihatan Alpha Lipid LifeLine The Best Colostrum 3 of 4

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Colostrum: An Effective Supplement For Autistic Children

The benefits of breastfeeding are well-known. In fact, no less than the World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding to babies aged one year and below. According to the WHO, breastfeeding reduces the risk of SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, asthma, eczema, dental problems, onset diabetes, and obesity during the child’s later years.

Breastfeeding is also said to increase a child’s intelligence and to strengthen the child’s immune system. Therefore, it is not longer surprising to hear that a number of sectors in the medicine world suggest the intake of Colostrum for children with autism. Many organizations such as the Autism Research Institute recommend Colostrum as a dietary supplement for children with autism-and rightly so.

But first, what exactly is Colostrum? And why is it beneficial?

Also known as first milk, Colostrum is a type of milk produced by a mammal’s mammary glands during the later part of their pregnancy and during the earlier days after giving birth. Colostrum is very high in essential nutrients such as proteins and carbohydrates. It also contains antibodies (responsible for neutralizing foreign object in the body) and low in fat. Since it is low in fat, it is easier to digest, helping babies absorb all the nutrients easier in a low-volume form.

However, Colostrum is not just beneficial for babies. In a research published in the New England Journal of Medicine, it was said that Colostrum is very beneficial to an adult’s general health, thanks to its effects on one’s immune system and physical strength. With these characteristics, it is easy to see why Colostrum is said to be an effective supplement for children with autism.

First, the fact that Colostrum is easier to digest compared to regular milk is already beneficial to autistic children, since their digestive functions are in maximum efficiency. Since it is easier to digest, they can easy absorb the nutrients without any problems or without causing complications due to undigested substances in the body. The main benefit of Colostrum, of course, it is ability to main bodily functions in the body.

Consuming Colostrum can help regularize the immune system of autistic children. Even without any citation of a study, it is a well known fact that autistic children easily get sick. This is because their immune system does not work like a healthy person’s immune system, due to the effects of the disorder. With the benefits of Colostrum, these children with autism can have the proper utility to fight diseases and other disorders that can render them useless without a healthy immune function.

Generally, Colostrum is sought after because it has immune system-boosting properties and gut-healing functions-two problematic areas for people with autism.
Of course, it is best to use Colostrum made specifically for people with autism.

The Kirkman Laboratories produce specialized Colostrum for the specialized market. Their Colostrum does not contain any potentially harmful substances that may be present in the Colostrum produced by other manufacturers. Kirkman’s Colostrum is hypoallergenic, which means they consider potential allergens that can affect autistic children.

To find out more about Holistic care and Nutrition for children on the Autism spectrum, please visit www. autism-supplements. com, for products, user feedback and unbiased reviews on Supplements for Autism

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Watch What Colostrum Does For You

www.ihealthtube.com Randy Kjelden lists the benefits of adults taking colostrum. *Rate – Comment – Subscribe*

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Symbiotics Colostrum Plus Capsules, 120-Count Bottle

  • One bottle containing 120 Colostrum capsules
  • Contains the only nutraceutical-grade, standardized colostrum from dairy cows encapsulated with patent-pending Bio-lipid to maximize absorption and delivery
  • Provides the broadest spectrum of immunoglobulins
  • Supports healthy immune function
  • Free of hormones, rBSTs, pesticides and antibiotics

Product Description:

Symbiotics Colostrum Plus is a dietary supplement that helps protect and repair the GI tract and build immunity. This dietary supplement has a more effective bio-lipid delivery advantage. Shown in laboratory tests to increase dispersibility up to eight times, the bio-lipid coating enables Symbiotics Colostrum Plus to assimilate more quickly, and absorb more completely for maximum effectiveness. This is the only colostrum available with the bio-lipid advantage. It is. . . More >>

Symbiotics Colostrum Plus Capsules, 120-Count Bottle

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