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Colostrum is a form of milk produced by the mammary glands of mammals in late pregnancy and the few days after giving birth.

Colostrum is an amazing phenomenon.
One's health can benefit from consuming colostrum on daily basis.

Colostrum contains lots of growth factors, promotes anti-aging, increase your physical strength, and promotes one's body's to recover from damage caused by age, injury and more

In this blog I gladly present you my collections of resources about this amazing substance.

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More Colostrum Testimonials

Cholestrol and Triglycerides

"I started taking Colostrum three times a day and my triglycerides dropped from 390 to 249 and my cholesterol plummeted from 250 to 157. I have found Immune Tree Colostrum to be the best and won't be without it."
Dan K.


I was diagnosed with Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids). It was so bad, that I had areas on my face that were red, swollen and itched. Steroid creams did not help. My problem has completely cleared up with colostrum.
- Pat; Salt Lake City, Utah

Intestinal Problems

After one month of taking colostrum, my stomach and intestinal tract has never felt better (no more bloating and indigestion). Now I can eat anything I darn well please. I’ve noticed that the flu bug that everyone is getting is passing me by.
- Robert; Salt Lake City, Utah

Blood Sugar

I am a non insulin diabetic. I’ve been taking colostrum for just over a month. I went to my doctor for my routine tests. My blood sugar levels had dramatically improved for the first time. This colostrum really works.
- Pete; Holladay, Utah


Taking Colostrum 6 has made a big difference in my digestive tract. I have always been allergic to lots of foods and I can digest food now that I couldn't before.
T. Watts


Mrs. L. DiGiorgio of Philadelphia, PA has had bad arthritis pain for years and has been taking 9 capsules of Colostrum 6 a day. She says that her pain is so much less when she is taking the colostrum. She can do so much more when she is pain free. She is thankful for the help she gets from this product.


"I was diagnosed with adult asthma three years ago. This condition is brought on by allergies and during allergy season I typically missed anywhere from 1-7 days of work. I have been taking Immune-Tree Colostrum for about three months and feel more energy and have not had one allergy attack."
Jan O.

Athletic Performance

I am a health and fitness consultant and have always been able to work-out on a regular basis. However, in January, I was involved in an auto accident which left me with serious injuries. I was unable to get to the gym for 5 months. During that time, I lost 41 lbs - largely muscle weight. When I was able to exercise again, I began using a new product called Bulk Factors™ to help me rebuild the muscle I had lost. But as soon as I began, I was involved in another similar accident (rear ended both times). Again, I was unable to exercise. However, this time, with Bulk Factors™, my weight stayed stable during the recovery and when I started exercising again, I was able to put on all the weight I had lost and more in a 2 month period of time - while I was recuperating. This is truly amazing!
Eric Brock - Las Vegas, NV

Sclera Derma

I haven’t been able to eat solid foods for three years now because of advanced Sclera Derma (one of the most debilitating of the autoimmune diseases). In only one week of taking colostrum, I was able to sit down with my family and eat real food. My sons told me that it was so wonderful to watch their mother eat a hamburger. I can’t say enough about what colostrum has done for me.
- Sydney; Concord, California

Cartilage, Muscle, and Bone

Over a year ago, I was injured on the job and have had lower back pain ever since. I worked with a doctor for relief from the pain of a bulged disc, but after a year of trying everything he knew - including all kinds of pain medications - the doctor finally told me that there was nothing he could do. He said I would just have to "live with it." I searched the health food store for things that might help and finally a clerk suggested Colostrum. I have been amazed! In just 3 weeks, I noticed substantial results. The pain began to decrease and I could actually lift more than the 10 pounds which had been my limit for so long. After only 2 months, I am out of pain, I don't have to ice my back during the day, I can get right up in the morning without the stiffness, my shoulders don't hurt anymore, AND the other benefits are impressive too. I am a diabetic, and I have noticed that I am no longer on that "blood sugar roller coaster." My levels are much more even. I also used to get heartburn and when I ate spicy foods - but not anymore. I can eat anything I want, without discomfort. And - are you ready for this? I am able to wear clothes that I haven't worn in 5 years. I have dropped 4 dress sizes!
Shirley D.

Burn Injury Heals Quickly

I severely burned my wrist on an engine block. I was told that it would take at least a month to heal and would probably leave a scar. With colostrum, it was completely healed, without scarring, in one week.
- Howard; Bethesda, Maryland

Recovery from Crohn's Disease

I am very interested in colostrums potential usefulness with auto-immune disorders. I am giving it to my wife who suffers from Crohn’s disease. She has been in remission for some time but has noticed even further improvement with colostrum. She will continue to use it. I will recommend it to appropriate patients.

Down Syndrome

“My son Zachary was born in 1993 with Down Syndrome. He has had to take constant antibiotics for ear, nose and throat infections. He was irritable and developed behavioral problems because he was always ill. He was having constant diarrhea. When one doctor wanted to put him on a powerful antibiotic for this problem, I put my foot down and decided to try colostrum instead. He has been on colostrum for almost a year and a half. He is rarely sick and gets better within days. His mood and behavior are much better. His blood was tested before and after taking colostrum for three months for free radicals. Down Syndrome patients have more free radicals in their blood due to a poor immune system. Zachary, unlike the Down Syndrome population, tested normal. Colostrum is a Godsend for these children.”
- Susan T., Ontario, Canada

Reduced Inflammation

I was diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatica (a disease where the inflammed blood vessels affect joints and muscles). Colostrum has helped me physically, mentally and spiritually. I am no longer depressed because I am getting better and better, thanks to colostrum. My husband appreciates the "new me". I would recommend colostrum very highly for those who want the finest quality of life.
- Rhoda; Clearwater, Florida

Fast Healing After Knee Replacement and Free From Depression

I am a seventy year old man who, this last year, went through a devastating personal experience that led to severe depression. My doctor gave me numerous antidepressant drugs over a ten month period that proved unsuccessful. After taking colostrum for two months, my depression lifted. I also had a total knee replacement two weeks ago. I had my other knee replaced a year ago and it took forever to heal. This time, to everyone’s disbelief, I was out dancing ten days after my surgery. My muscles are more defined and my stomach is noticeably flatter. My blood pressure has dropped from 145/85 to 120/70 and my pulse has gone from 83 to 70. I have been able to come off my heart medication.
- Bill; Holladay, Utah

Increased Energy, Decreased Pain and Increased Mobility With Fibromyalgia
I have fibromyalgia. I ordered a jar of the powdered colostrum recently and I took 3 scoops 2x yesterday. Today I woke up and could get out of bed almost pain free. I even had the energy and desire to do my exercises. I am 42 and on a good day I feel like I am 72. I have great pain in the morning and can hardly walk. I am ordering more as I do not wish to run out of this miracle. thank-you.
- Sue; Markesan, WI

Remarkable Recovery from Sinus

For about three years, I have suffered from sinus infection. This last year, I took the latest, most potent and most expensive broad spectrum antibiotics to control this infection. They accomplished nothing except to weaken my immune system. Within a week of taking colostrums regularly, the last traces of infection disappeared. On another occasion, when I had slacked off the colostrums, I got a bad cold. A doubling of my usual dosage cured me of the cold in one day. In addition, I do not get as depressed and irritable as I often did before and my mental focus has sharpened.

South Zealand Probiotic Colostrum w/DHA

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