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Colostrum is a form of milk produced by the mammary glands of mammals in late pregnancy and the few days after giving birth.

Colostrum is an amazing phenomenon.
One's health can benefit from consuming colostrum on daily basis.

Colostrum contains lots of growth factors, promotes anti-aging, increase your physical strength, and promotes one's body's to recover from damage caused by age, injury and more

In this blog I gladly present you my collections of resources about this amazing substance.

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Personal Testimonials


Epstein Barr Virus
My doctor’s diagnosis was Epstein Barr Virus with a recommended six month disability. After taking colostrum for one month, I found notable improvement in my energy level, ability to sleep, relief from muscle aches and pains and an ability to begin exercising. I am recommending colostrum to friends and family.
- Natalie; Salt Lake City, Utah

Heartburn and Acid Reflux
“I have suffered from both heartburn and acid reflux for ten years now. I have tried every over-the- counter medication, not to mention many prescription-strength medicines. Some of them offer partial relief; however, I often worry about the negative impact all of these medicines are having on my body. My wife finally convinced me to try colostrum, either the powdered form or in a shake, when I experience the painful symptoms of heartburn and acid reflux. Being the skeptic that I am, I had a hard time admitting to her that it actually made the symptoms go away. Now, as long as I take colostrum with a meal (especially later in the day), I can enjoy the foods that I have been denying myself for so long.”
- A.S., Gillette, WY

Relief Of Joint Pain and Increased Energy
I just had to drop you a line to let you know what an amazing product I think Colostrum Plus is.
I have been taking nutritional supplements for over 20 years and I never really noticed much of a change when taking them. But what a difference when I started taking Colostrum Plus. The last 9-12 months I started to experience some real health challenges. I gained weight even though I was exercising on a regular basis. I developed extreme stiffness and aching in my muscles and joints. I tried everything I could think of, fat blockers, high carbohydrate diet, low carbohydrate diet, high protein diet, low protein diet, a nutritionist and even a chiropractor. Nothing seemed to help. Then I started taking Colostrum Plus, within a few days I could notice a difference and within a week the stiffness and aching was almost gone, plus I dropped 3 minutes off my 3.5 mile run. My energy level is way up and I feel better than I have felt in over a year. The greatest part is that Colostrum Plus is a food, so I know I'm putting healthy things in my body. I can't wait until I have been on the product for a month, imagine how great I'll feel by then. I'm looking forward to trying more of your products. Thanks again.
- Ken S.

“I have had seasonal allergies for many years since moving to Georgia: pollen, grass, mold, dust,
and some food allergies. Every year I would fear the seasons Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Often
I would have severe sinus infections also. All of the medication prescribed by my general doctor
and allergist only gave me partial relief, plus I had tremendous side effects: dry eyes, dry mouth,
nose bleeding, itchy skin, and drowsiness. I could not believe the almost immediate relief I got
from Colostrum, with none of the side effects. I am a retired RN, and believe me, I am not easily
convinced by all the hype of supplements. But colostrum has made such a great difference in my
overall health and well-being.”
- A. M., Columbus, GA

Relief From Skin Rash
I have a new grandson and he has had baby rash on his face and rash in all the folds of his skin. I started putting the Colostrum cream on him and he immediately started clearing up. As he drools and as winter chaps his face the Colostrum cream is a daily routine. Thank you for having such a safe and natural product for my precious grandson.
- Charlann Peavler; New Franklin, MO

Fybromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue
I suffer from Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. I have a lifestyle and schedule that does not allow me to be ill. A friend of mine turned me on to Colostrum. I have noticed changes with my appearance, weight loss, an improved sleep pattern, alertness AND NO MUSCLE ACHES that would previously reduce me to tears. Doctors have prescribed different medications that were worthless. Most doctors do not understand nor have the ability to treat Fibromyalgia patients! I had endured consistent chronic chilling pain for over five years and endure the associated depression. I can verify that Colostrum, Life's First Food, has saved my life. It's my miracle. Colostrum (as promised by my friend) has made all of these ailments GO AWAY! I am a new person, a better mother and enjoy life like I never have enjoyed life before.
- Simone Thompson

Cyst Reduction
My Husband had a cyst on the top of his toe. He had it drained three times. A clear jelly would come out. When it filled the fourth time, I opened a capsule of colostrum and added it to some Aloe Vera jell to hold it and wrapped his toe every night. A crust would forum on top, I removed this and each time it was smaller till now it is flat, with a tiny spot. We have been taking colostrum since Aug. 99- we take other supplements, have had to stop some of them, decrease some others. We are both 74, take no RX meds but we feel great, and live an active life.
- Alice Tomassoni

Ear Infections
Kate Montgomery has been using colostrum in her practice ever since she experienced first-hand its remarkable healing properties. Several years ago, she had a severe ear infection that was not responding to the antibiotics prescribed for her. After reading about colostrum, she decided to give it a try. She purchased a bottle of it at a health food store. As she states, “Because the infection was so bad, I took six capsules and eight hours later, I took six more. Within hours, I could feel the stuffiness and inflammation subsiding. Twenty-four hours later, I could start to hear and I was feeling so much better. My energy and stamina also returned.” To
this day she still takes her daily dose of colostrum. Kate added, “As a naturopath, I have recommended colostrum to all my clients and am happy to say, most are taking it regularly and agree about its benefits to their immune systems. I would highly recommend colostrum for everyone who seeks a stronger immune system.
- Kate Montgomery, ND

Multiple Sclerosis
I feel like I have truly found a miracle in my life. I have suffered from multiple sclerosis for seven years now. After taking colostrum for just a couple of months (three teaspoons a day), all MS symptoms have left my body (dizziness, weakness and fatigue, eye problems, burning sensation in my feet). I am able to walk without a limp and can walk up and down stairs without the aid of a
railing. I cannot say enough good things about this miraculous food.”
– Bonnie, Ogden, Utah

Burn Injury Heals Quickly
I severely burned my wrist on an engine block. I was told that it would take at least a month to heal and would probably leave a scar. With colostrum, it was completely healed, without scarring, in one week.
- Howard; Bethesda, Maryland

Relief From Hives
I have had hives internally and externally that even the strongest medication hasn’t helped. Within days of taking colostrum, 95% of my symptoms were gone. For the first time in years, I was able to wear clothes comfortably, sleep, go to work, eat normal foods and cuddle with my wife. I have more energy and am less moody. My wife thinks she married a new man. I have my life back - plain and simple. There are no words to express how incredible all this is and what it means to me.
- Warren; Murray, Utah

“Here in our town of Cottage Grove, MN, a local minister had uncontrollable diabetes and was taking 3 insulin injections daily. I shared with him the benefits of colostrum and several months later he came back to me, convinced that something besides injections needed to be done. He purchased the colostrum, and within one week the miracle of healing kicked in. He no longer is giving himself insulin injections. Now, he will not go without colostrum to regulate his insulin secretion. He is totally convinced of the benefits of taking colostrum.”
- Michael L. McCann, Ed.D, N.D.

I am a seventy year old man who, this last year, went through a devastating personal experience that led to severe depression. My doctor gave me numerous antidepressant drugs over a ten month period that proved unsuccessful. After taking colostrum for two months, my depression lifted. I also had a total knee replacement two weeks ago. I had my other knee replaced a year ago and it took forever to heal. This time, to everyone’s disbelief, I was out dancing ten days after my surgery. My muscles are more defined and my stomach is noticeably flatter. My blood pressure has dropped from 145/85 to 120/70 and my pulse has gone from 83 to 70. I have been able to come off my heart medication.
– Bill, Holladay, Utah

Relief From Bursitis Pain
I have been troubled with very painful bursitis in both my hips for the last two years. Nighttime was the worst because any movement would waken me with pain. I have been taking physical therapy treatments regularly to obtain some relief. Because I was so miserable, I began taking colostrum. I was pain free after three weeks of taking colostrum. I have always been quite a skeptic, so I am truly surprised and very happy.
- Janet; Cottonwood, Utah

Sinus Relief
Thank you so much for such a wonderful product! I received a Vital Health Newspaper from my local health foods store which focused on New Life colostrum. After reading the tremendous benefits of this product, I asked my father to try it. He has had sinusitis for over ten years with neither conventional nor alternative medicines giving him little to no relief. Discouraged that he would just have to ''live with it'', I asked him to just commit to colostrum for one month and see if it helped. I spoke to him on Sunday and got the most wonderful news. Since the third day he has not been bothered with his sinuses and has actually slept through the night for the first time in over ten years. This was the best Christmas present anyone could give me to know that he is feeling better. So thank you, thank you, thank you!
- Chantale Upham

Lung Disease
Dear customer service, I was diagnosed 2 years ago with BOOP disease, it's a lung virus that attacked my lungs and was causing scar tissue in my lungs. All the dr's could give me for it was prednesone which gave me terrible side effects after a year or being on it. My lung capacity was getting lower and lower and my immune system was low I picked up bronchitis and my lungs got worse were I was now on oxygen. I was going downhill fast my lung specialist told me I might have to get on the lung transplant list. I had heard from a friend about colostrum but I am not a big health food nut. I believed in medicine. My sister finally found colostrum on the internet, and it has literally saved my life within 2 weeks I noticed my breathing had improved I am still taking my regular medicine, singulair and Imuron, but I no longer use my inhalers or my oxygen and my last lung test showed my lung capacity has come up to 80% from being down to 40%. Thank you for a wonderful product.
- Alice Daniel

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